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Recorded over the course of two weekends in August 2002, Asymmetric is a collection of songs written that summer.


released September 7, 2002

Songs written by Eli Goodman and VJ Kapur

Performed by:
Eli Goodman - guitars, vocals
VJ Kapur - drums, vocals
Jeff Seifried - keyboard, vocals
Hal Marra - guitar
Joey Doubek - bass

Additionally, on tracks 2 and 5:
Jon Keung - violin
Jeanette Lee - violin
Diana Keung - cello

Produced by Paul Leavitt
Additional production by Zach Lewis
Mastered by Drew White




SequenceErase Potomac, Maryland

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Track Name: Emollient
You dodge me so often.
You break me so willingly.
You soften periodically.
You harden so convincingly.
You pull me around on such a short leash.

And the sun never comes up on your pretty face
The moon never fills in to your beauty's taste.
Never an intention to live the way you do.

My love never strikes you the way I want it to.

Just wait until I see
that I don't know why to be…

so loyal, so loving, so caring... so there.
Track Name: FirstDecision
So you’re always there when I need you?
Well you aren’t today.

If I’m content now with this anyway,
then what do you say?

Haven’t you any clue
Why I’m so done with you?

There are insults I could throw in your face.
But what would it do?

You’ll carry on this in any case,
as critics push you to.

I've given up on changing
your superficial ways.

Beg me for my forgiveness.

No... no.
Haven’t you any clue
how I’m so through with you?
Track Name: ThisisDense
Lay back and allow it to perm(eate everything):
All you’ve known and all which you care. (Can you feel this seething?)

Maybe you enjoy the bloodshed,
maybe you enjoy the fight or
maybe your frustration’s just an
outlet for a troubled mind and
maybe it’s just human nature.
Maybe we can never stop it.
Every time I think to ponder,
these are answers that I find.

Ruins of a world we can’t touch.... (Let’s respect the sacred.)
Power in the worst of hands... (Let’s prolong old hatred.)

Live the moment knowing what’s all for the best.
Leave the past.
Ditch your strife and move on to a new and better way of dealing with this.

Hallowed objects dictate how you see life.
Track Name: StoppingTraffic
Maybe I cry wolf so much that everyone once there runs away.
No support, few well wishes, and frequent insults which all say:
I can’t win. I’ll never look back on my life and think I ever
made her happy or made him glad, or made any difference for a better.

Wipe the condensation from the surface of these eyes.
Bring me joy in absolving everything that I despise.
Relieve me of the burns scorched into me from without.
Give me solace of a clue to relinquish this persisting doubt.
Pick at me and realize what seemed like flesh oddly chips off
a core of solid turmoil, dismal words and a tired cause.
Shatter me and bring the end of everything for which I stood
amidst a haze I spread through every heart and mind I ever could.

Sickness pulsing through me, feel the cold behind my face.
Empty, a non-issue, moot existence, a disgrace...
An ice-carved sculpture of a person, a figure from some other past
I once forgot, memories I thought I'd never have to sort again.
Track Name: ButterandCoffee
Infinitely, I believe the key to this, is in the curing of
your every fear and every glitch and every goal, and not my own.
So I'll focus this frustration on the burning of
everything that ever made you sad. Each regret you had.
And I'll end them all for you.

Always for you

Heal all this
Just to make you happy
End all this
And to make you finally
Realize that I’m always here to
Cure your sorrow

I can’t believe, that some out there may find joy in
those very tears, that dismal pain, that acid rain, as it falls upon
your gentle face. Fuck this human race, for the thoughtlessness
it spreads across the surface of the planet we
destroyed with our hate.
Track Name: Calculate!
We felt the rhythm
in the bass lines in the floor.
We looked through the streamers and colored lights,
and moved like robots.

I had no choice, yeah,
and it wasn't so bad
as the pulse of the room changed
with brand new blood cells

Even though 15 minutes doesn't seem that long,
I can can still see your dress, yeah
and the sequins
when you spin.
Track Name: DangerousEverything
Your image haunts me all night.
That mask you wear (so cold it seems)

Your shrouded face is all I see,
Lacing nightmares (through my quiet dreams).

You burden all with your fake touch.
You’re not worth this. (You barely exist.)

How dense of a bitch can you be?
Can’t you see, don’t you care that (you’re killing me)?

Break off your casing.
Show me what I miss.
Don’t leave me how I was found:
Alone in this darkness.
Just come to your senses.
Lay down and retract those claws.
Show me you’ve redeemed yourself.
Prove that you’re not a lost cause.

Had enough of your shallow romance.
Believe me, it’s your last chance.