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Infinitely, I believe the key to this, is in the curing of
your every fear and every glitch and every goal, and not my own.
So I'll focus this frustration on the burning of
everything that ever made you sad. Each regret you had.
And I'll end them all for you.

Always for you

Heal all this
Just to make you happy
End all this
And to make you finally
Realize that I’m always here to
Cure your sorrow

I can’t believe, that some out there may find joy in
those very tears, that dismal pain, that acid rain, as it falls upon
your gentle face. Fuck this human race, for the thoughtlessness
it spreads across the surface of the planet we
destroyed with our hate.


from Asymmetric, released September 7, 2002
vocals by VJ/Eli/Jeff
lyrics by VJ




SequenceErase Potomac, Maryland

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